Categorising the generators

Existing Categories in AEMO Data

AEMO Technical Type Primary has only:

  • Renewables includes Hydro, Wind, Solar. Some advocates of renewables are opponents of dams. Probably too broad to be useful.
  • Combustion includes landfill and Macadamia Nut Shells some of whose advocates would be opposed to coal. Probably too broad to be useful
  • Wind -GUNNING1 is the only such generator – presumably an entry error.

AEMO Fuel Primary has the following:

  • Fossil
    • Methane from coal gas with EI 0.589 tonnes/MWh
  • Renewable or starting with Renewable.
    • Methane from landfill with EI 0.0576 tonnes/MWh
  • Hydro
  • Wind
  • Biomass. Only 2 small generators burning sugar cane bagasse. Given their very low Emissions Intensity of 0.018 tonnes/MWh, they can probably fit happily in some sub-category of Renewables
  • Landfill / Biogas. Only 1 or 2 small generators. Given their very low Emissions Intensity of 0.061 tonnes/MWh, they can probably fit happily in some sub-category of Renewables
  • Fuel Oil. Only 6 diesel generators. Other diesels come under Fossil so this would seem to be an inconsistent and unnecessary category.
  • Solar. Only 2 small generator.

Generator Type from Technical Parameters
Many generators are missing this data. It is a mixture of fuel and technology categories and does not recognise the renewable fuels that have much lower Emission Intensities that implied by their chemical composition.

  • Black Coal
  • Brown Coal
  • CCGT
  • OCGT
  • CoGen
  • Distillate
  • Hydro
  • Wind

Proposed to offer this categorisation as an option but not as the default.

Energy Source from CO2-eII Available Generators
This is a fairly clean categorisation which has strongly influenced the proposal below.

Proposed categories for default use on AusGrid website:

It is proposed to use a few broad Classes and considerably more specific Types
The non-combustion generator Classes and Types are:

  • Wind & solar No fuel costs and no firm availability.
    • Wind
    • Solar Only 2 generators with no dispatched power yet.
  • Hydro No fuel costs except for the pumped storage. Available on demand.
    • Gravity
    • Run of river
    • Pumped

The combustion generators differ by Technology and Fuel.l
They have  Fuel Class/Fuel Type and Gen Class/Gen Type.
The Gen Classes/Gen Types  are:

  • Gas turbine. Generator Types:LL

    • CCGT
    • OCGT
  • Steam turbine. Generator Types:

    • Sub-critical
    • Super-critical
  • Engine. Generator Types:

    • Spark ignition
    • Compression

The Fuel Classes and Fuel Types are:

  • Coal
    • Black coal
    • Brown coal
  • Liquid
    • Diesel
    • Kerosene
  • Gas
    • Natural gas
    • Methane
  • Renewables
    • Renewable gas
    • Renewable solid

The general Fuel Classes and Gen Classes will both include the non-combustion categories of Wind & Solar and Hydro. The specific Fuel and Gen Types will both include the Wind, Solar and Hydro Types.

AusGrid website will use Fuel Class as the default categorisation, offering the other three as options where appropriate. TP_Gen Type and Energy Source will be offered with the options.



One thought on “Categorising the generators

  1. Peter, It’s not clear to me how the hierarchy will work for selecting chart axes, series, filters, chart titles and axis titles.

    If you can change these later I’d suggest jut move on and we can come back to refining the default the categories later.

    Could you explain to me how I can build charts myself. The more I think about it the more I think this is what is needed – i.e. the ability for user to select their own axes, series, filters, chart types etc.

    So, can you explain how users can build charts?


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